Unique Big Sibling Gifts that Make Them Feel Special

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting time, but it can also be a big adjustment for older siblings. One way to help them feel included and loved is by giving them a special gift. We've got the ultimate lineup of gifts that will have them beaming with joy and excitement. Let's dive right in and discover these fantastic presents that will make the big sister or brother feel extra special!

Big Sibling Bear with Book

big sister and big brother bear with book

Big Brother Bear | Big Sister Bear

A big sister or big brother bear with a book about welcoming a new baby to the family is a great gift idea for older siblings. The bear can serve as a comforting companion during the transition and the book can help them understand and feel involved in the process. This gift is both practical and sentimental, making it a perfect way to show your love and support for the big sibling.


Big Sibling Soft Book with Pin

big sibling soft book with pin

Big Sister Book | Big Brother Book

A big sibling soft crinkle book with pins is a great gift idea for older siblings who love to read and explore. The crinkle pages and colorful illustrations will keep them engaged and entertained while they learn about their new role as a big sibling. The pin can be pinned to their shirt to proudly display their new title! This gift is both fun and educational, making it a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and make the big sibling feel special.


Big Sibling Baseball Caps

big sibling baseball caps

Brother Hat | Sister Hat

The big brother and big sister sibling baseball hat is a must-have accessory that will make them the coolest big sibling on the block. Whether they're playing sports, going on outdoor escapades, or just rocking their everyday style, this hat is a fabulous way to showcase their big sibling awesomeness. 


Promoted to Big Sister or Big Brother Gift Box


big brother and big sister gift box with tee shirt and confetti popper


Sibling Gift Box

A big sibling tee shirt is a classic gift idea that never goes out of style. But why not make it even more special with a confetti popper gift box? When they pop it, colorful confetti will fill the air, creating a magical moment of joy and celebration. It's a fantastic way to make the new baby's arrival an unforgettable experience for the whole family!


We hope this collection sparked ideas to celebrate the new big brother or big sister in your life! Shop the entire big sibling collection by clicking HERE.

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