How to Plan and Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual baby shower

Every mom-to-be dreams of the day she can celebrate her little on the way at her baby shower. We are so heartbroken for the moms whose showers have been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At Baby Blossom Company, we believe that every mama and baby deserve to be celebrated – even if you can’t come together in person. We’ve gathered our best tips for showering your favorite mom-to-be during this time of social distancing with a virtual baby shower, a baby shower-in-a-box or a sip n’ see.

The Virtual Baby Shower

Today’s technology allows us to celebrate together while still being apart. Your friends may not be in the same room, but a virtual shower the closest alternative to a traditional baby shower. It can still be just as festive and fun and gives guests something to do during this time of staying home. It does however require a bit more planning and logistics to organize and set up for the big day.

How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Choose a Venue

There are many options available for group video chats to connect guests with the mom-to-be such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype. There is even a service called Web Baby Shower that is specifically geared towards hosting online baby showers. Packages start at $79, but they are offering discount codes for showers impacted by COVID-19 if you send them an email. You can personalize the online dashboard, upload photos, and send invitations right within the platform.

Invite Guests

Long Distance baby shower invitations

There are adorable invitations available geared towards long distance showers that can be sent virtually or through the mail. If you send the invitations through the mail, you can also include small décor pieces in the envelope for guests to decorate the area that is in view of the camera. A few balloons, banners, streamers or fun straws, will make the virtual shower feel like a true party! Chances are if you’ve already started planning a shower that’s been canceled, you already have these items on hand. Don’t forget to include instructions telling guests how to log on to the virtual shower.


baby shower in a box gifts

Invite guests to either send their gifts directly to the guest of honor’s home, or pool smaller gifts together to send in one big box. Sending the gifts directly to the new mom is best for larger items such as strollers and highchairs. Stores often offer gift wrapping which will save you from wrapping and shipping again!

You can also offer guests the option to contribute to a group gift card to the store the mama is registered at so she can order the items directly. If you opt for a gift card, you may want to ask each guest to send back one small gift such as as an outfit, swaddle or small toy to include in the shower box that is sent to the new mom prior to the baby shower. This will give her something tangible to open and for guests to “ooh and ahh” over. Remind guests to keep the items small and light so they fit in one box and isn’t too costly to ship!

The Shower Box

virtual baby shower box

Assemble a box for the mom-to-be that includes the shower décor and any gifts gathered. Make it extra special by adding cute messages and covering the inside of the box in pretty paper. Mail her the box a week before the shower, but ask her not to open it until the day of.

TIP – include a printed version of the invitation for her as a keepsake.

Time to Celebrate!

On the day of the shower, everyone logs on at the designated time and the celebrations begin! Be sure to test out the video streaming service before hand to make sure there are no technical issues when the time comes for everyone to log on.

During the shower, enjoy some laughs with the mom-to-be and catch up with guests! We aren’t usually fans of baby shower games, but at a virtual shower, they can be a fun way for everyone to interact. Our favorites for a virtual shower are The Price is Right, guess the baby picture, who knows mommy best, and baby due date & weight predictions.

Mom can either open gifts on camera if they were shipped prior, or guests can hold up their gifts on camera and give them to her at a later date.


The Baby Shower-in-a-Box    

baby shower in a box      

What’s better than a surprise box showing up on your doorstep?! A baby shower-in-a-box will make your friend feel so loved. A shower-in-a-box doesn’t requure the level of coordination with guests as a virtual baby shower, but still shows the same amount of love for the mom-to-be.

Decorate a Box

Adhere pretty paper (we used wrapping paper) to the inside of a box using spray glue. Decorate the inside lid with a banner or fun message for your friend to see when she opens the box. Make sure you test the box before decorating to make sure it will fit all of the supplies!

Fill the Box

baby shower in a box contents

Add fun, small party items that will make the experience feel extra festive. Consider including enough items for a spouse or sibling to participate as well! When sourcing items for the box, try to think of things you would find at a regular baby shower like decorations, sweets, flowers and gifts.

Decoration Ideas:

  • Plastic cups
  • Paper straws
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Streamers, tissue balls or honeycomb balls
  • Banners
  • Confetti
  • Balloons
  • Small “favors” – grow kit, soap, etc.

We suggest adding items to the box that serve double purpose to save space. A baby flower bouquet and cupcake set are the perfect alternative to real treats or flowers. They also double as a gift for the baby when the mom-to-be unwraps the bouquet or cupcakes.


What shower is complete without gifts?! Opt for gifts that are small and light, or that serve multipurpose such as the baby cupcakes or bouquet. A little something for mom is a great idea too! You want to maximize the space in the box to keep shipping costs manageable.

Our favorite shower-in-a-box gifts:

Shop the full collection of bouquets and cupcakes by clicking here.


Planning with Friends

If you’d like to include others in the planning of the box, send an invitation to friends to participate. If you’re short on time, you may want to send the invite virtually. Invite guests to contribute to a gift card or send you a small gift to include in the box. If sending invitations through the mail, consider including cards for each friend to write their wishes for baby or new mom tips as something extra for the mom to open and read. 

The Sip N’ See

Via Happily Ever Etched

Sip n’ see showers originated in the south when new moms would invite their friends over to “sip” tea and “see” their new baby. The trend has since expanded around the country and will become even more common in present day as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. It is the perfect alternative for those who still wish to have an in-person celebration. Having the shower after the baby is born allows you to add more personal touches to the décor such as baby pictures and the baby’s name. There is also a tiny, adorable bonus guest everyone gets to meet!

If the new parents are in need of essentials from their registry, consider inviting guests to send gifts before the baby is born. Parents can always update the registry to include items that will be needed later on like toys, larger clothes, a jumper, etc. If guests send a gift in advance, it’s not expected that they also bring one to the Sip N’ See party.

TIP – a co-ed outdoor shower planned for the summer would be the perfect way to celebrate the new arrival AND say GOODBYE to COVID-19!

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Baby showers may not be the same for the time being, but we can still celebrate our favorite mamas and shower them with love! We'd love for you share this post with any moms or hosts you know whose showers have been affected. We are all in this together, and it's our goal to help you in any way possible. Leave a comment below with any questions or ideas! 

Be well, 

Cindy & Danielle

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Love these tips! While we can’t see our friends in person, these virtual baby showers are the next thing to keep us all connected and able to celebrate with the parent(s)-to-be. Love the baby shower in a box!


I wish I can buy a baby shower box!


Thanks so much for these helpful ideas! My sister is having a baby and her baby shower got canceled and I was looking for ideas that helped us celebrate the arrival of the baby girl! Loved your post!
Greeting from Guatemala!


I love these tips! What a great way to celebrate and still keep everyone safe. I especially love the shower in a box (I am not at all creative when it comes to packaging so the decorated box interior was a useful tip) and virtual gift unwrapping.


Such great ideas to help us celebrate together, separately. And I can see using these ideas for long-distance parties even after COVID. My SIL is 7,000 miles away, so this is perfect to celebrate her anyway!


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