Brand Spotlight: A Great Baby

At Baby Blossom Co., we're all about creating unique and unforgettable gifts for new parents. We believe that every baby deserves to be celebrated in style, and that's why we love incorporating personalized touches into our diaper cakes and gift baskets.

One of our favorite ways to add a special touch is with the help of Mary Zimmer, the talented owner of A Great Baby. Mary's handcrafted, personalized baby blankets are the perfect addition to any diaper cake, adding a custom touch that's sure to be cherished by the new parents.


Meet Mary Zimmer and A Great Baby

Mary Zimmer, the heart and soul behind A Great Baby, operates her business from her studio in Alabama. What sets A Great Baby apart is Mary’s dedication to quality and personalization. Each product, from baby blankets to crib sheets and more, is printed and sewn by Mary & her team with a focus on top-notch quality. Every item is crafted with love, precision, and attention to detail, and they pray over each and every item that leaves their studio.


Personalized Baby Blankets


A Great Baby specializes in creating personalized baby blankets that are not only functional but also beautiful keepsakes. Here’s what makes Mary’s blankets so special:

Custom Designs: Mary’s creative flair allows her to design custom prints that cater to various themes and preferences. Whether it’s a whimsical pattern or a simple name print, each blanket pattern is unique to the A Great Baby line.


Personalization: One of the standout features of A Great Baby’s blankets is the ability to personalize them with baby’s name. This simple yet meaningful touch transforms a cozy blanket into a cherished keepsake.


Handcrafted Quality: Every blanket is meticulously crafted in Mary’s Alabama studio, ensuring high quality and durability. The soft, premium fabrics used in her blankets provide comfort and warmth, making them perfect for newborns all the way up through childhood and beyond.


Incorporating A Great Baby’s Blankets into Our Diaper Cakes

At Baby Blossom Co., we strive to make our diaper cakes not just practical but also memorable. By incorporating A Great Baby’s personalized blankets, we achieve just that. Here’s how we do it:


Custom Prints for Themed Cakes: When a customer requests a themed diaper cake, we turn to Mary for custom prints that perfectly match the theme. Her ability to create bespoke designs ensures that each diaper cake is unique and cohesive.


Personalized Names for a Special Touch: Adding the baby’s name to the blanket elevates the diaper cake from a simple gift to a personalized treasure. This personal touch is always a hit at baby showers, leaving a lasting impression on parents and guests alike.


Quality Assurance: Knowing that each blanket is handcrafted with care gives us confidence in the quality of our diaper cakes. Mary’s dedication to her craft means we can trust that the blankets will be soft, durable, and beautifully made.


Creating Memorable Baby Shower Gifts

Our collaboration with A Great Baby allows us to offer diaper cakes that are both practical and personalized. When you choose a diaper cake from Baby Blossom Co., you’re not just getting a beautiful arrangement of baby essentials—you’re giving a gift that celebrates the new arrival in a heartfelt and meaningful way.


Order Your Custom Gift Today

If you have a baby shower on the horizon and want to give a gift that stands out, consider our diaper cakes featuring personalized blankets from A Great Baby.

Visit our website Baby Blossom Co. to explore our range of diaper cakes and contact us to customize your selection with an A Great Baby Blanket.

To shop the beautiful line of baby essentials at A Great Baby, click here.

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