5 Ways to Use a Diaper Cake at a Baby Shower

Diaper cakes aren’t new on the baby shower scene, but they have come a long way in terms of style. Gone are the days of tacky diaper cakes exploding with tulle and plastic baby toys, and instead are replaced with modern, beautiful works of art that are barely recognizable as diapers. A diaper cake isn't just a gift you can bring along to a baby shower. They can also be incorporated into the shower décor and activities. Today we'll show you 5 ways you can use a diaper cake at your next shower!

1. Edible cake alternative: lavish baby shower cakes may be impressive, but are often to waste when only a small portion is eaten. A diaper cake can provide the same “wow” factor, but it will also double as a gift for the mama-to-be. Surround the diaper cake with the edible dessert such as cupcakes and other small treats like cake pops or covered pretzels. Cupcakes take the guess work out of serving sizes and are easy to dress up with a topper and cute wrapper. Our go-to is basic vanilla cupcakes from the local grocery store!

baby shower diaper cake centerpiece

2. Centerpieces: Skip the traditional floral arrangement and use diaper cakes to decorate the guest tables. Again, a decoration that won’t go to waste after the shower!

diaper cake decoration

3. Side table decoration: Have small spaces around the shower room to fill? A diaper cake can add the perfect touch to a side table or small nook that needs a little attention. Your guests will be so impressed that no detail was left untouched.

baby shower diaper cake gift table

4. Gift table decoration: Gift tables can look bland and bare as guests are arriving. Designate the table with a diaper cake that matches the baby shower theme so guests know right where to bring their gift.

baby shower diaper cake game

5. "Guess the diapers" game: We’re generally not huge fans of baby shower games, but a guessing game can be a fun way to give a little something back to the guests. Set a jar next to a diaper cake and ask guests to write down their guess of how many diapers are in the cake. The guest with the closest guess wins a small prize like a gift card, bottle of wine, candle, etc.

Don't have time to make your own tickets? We've got your covered! We're including a FREE diaper ticket printable in this blog post. Simply download the image here and print/cut the tickets.

baby shower diaper cake game

The best part about a diaper cake is the mom-to-be can take home the cake after the shower as one of her gifts. Our Baby Blossom cakes are packed with usable layette as well as diapers.

baby shower diaper cake gift

Now that you're full of ideas on how to use a diaper cake, let's talk about getting you the perfect diaper cake for your event. We have many cakes in stock to choose from in the diaper cake section of our shop. Click here to shop to our diaper cake collection.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? We've made thousands of diaper cakes over the last 10 years and we love the challenge of creating a special diaper cake that matches your theme perfectly. Send us an email with your ideas and we take it from there!

Want to see more of the custom showers we've styled? Head over to our "custom order" page by clicking here.


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