Why a Baby Blossom?

Sending a flower arrangement for the birth of a new baby is a tradition that’s been around for centuries. A new mom is bound to receive dozens of flower bouquets during her stay in the hospital and the first few weeks home. While fresh flowers are beautiful, the new parents will be overwhelmed with so many! And let’s face it, flower bouquets are expensive and after a week they will only wilt and end up in the trash.
A Baby Blossom sends the same congratulatory well wishes of love and friendship, but won't leave your friends home smelling like a funeral parlor ;) They can enjoy the bouquet for as long as they'd like without it dying. When they're ready, it will "bloom" into an array of useful baby layette items including sleepers, pants, bodysuits, washcloths, bibs, burp cloths socks & more!
Oh, and did we mention, the bouquets pictured are the same price? You can thank us later.
The Blossom pictured can be found here and our full collection here.
Danielle & Cindy

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